You Like ME! You REALLY Like Me!

WOW I am so humbled. I have been awarded The Versatile Blogger award! I have actually been awarded it TWICE!( Before I could post this I was awarded it AGAIN! This time by Mama-Press) I kinda forgot to follow the rules the first time but maybe I can make it up here. The first time I was awarded it by Confessions from Boys Town. She is an AWESOME mommy blogger and part of my MOB. ( Mothers of Boys). Funny and insightful I was so blown away by the honor that I ran around for a whole week telling strangers about my award and then forgot to mention it on my blog or the other blogs I follow and love. Then Insignificant at Best, graced me with the award AGAIN! I am so honored and speechless...ok not speechless, I am pretty much NEVER speechless, but really really touched by you ladies thinking that I rank with you in awesomeness. WOOT WOOT!  And Now AGAIN Mama-Press has awarded me too. Sometimes I think that no one is actually reading my blog except me and certain family members that I blackmail into reading it. But now I know that YOU, my funny and wonderful other mommy bloggers, are out there reading and you LIKE me. This is incredible! Okay, Okay, to the rules that I forgot to follow last week.
The Rules of accepting the Versatile Blogger Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs (contact them to let them know).
Okay this whole share 7 things about myself, since messed up last time I will tell you 14 things. If you ask I will pretty much tell ANYONE EVERYTHING about myself but lucky you I only have to do 14 things.

Confessions from Boystown , Insignificant at Best, AND
1. I am a hot mess. I rush around, set timers and have my cell phone remind me to pick up my kids from school.
2. I am a blonde. As if you couldn't tell from my crazy antics.
3. I have big boobs, knockers, cans, rack, headlights,melons, etc. I have heard it all and find it hysterical that men are so obsessed with them. And yes they are real. Hey does that count as three things?
4. I have 3 boys, 9,11,45.
5. I am 7. Because 4+3=7. I decided when I turned 35 that adding the numbers was WAY better than just plain old telling people my age.
6. Agent Daddy HATED me after our first though sixth dates. He would call the person who introduced us after every date and tell them he was NEVER going out with me again. After the sixth time he did that the person who introduced us told him to stop calling her until he REALLY stopped dating me. That person was in our wedding three years later and was unbelievably smug.
7. I have slept in the parking lot of Folsom Prison. Long story.
8.I was engaged 2 times before I met Agent Daddy. I was the original runaway bride.
9. I have married Agent daddy 3 times.
10. I have never been divorced.
11. I have ADD. I have a hard time focusing. Which goes back to number one.
12. I often listen to my children play and wonder if I should be proud or disturbed. They know more about guns and tanks than most Marines.
13.I LOVE Pawn Stars and have been to their actual shop in Las Vegas.
14.I live in California now but I have lived in 5 countries on 3 continents.

Here are 15 of My favorites in no particular order:

1.Moms Mad House
2. Far From Camelot
3.Insignificant at Best
4. Cool Beans Mommas
5. Mrs. Marine
6. Mrs No No Knows
7. The Bloggess
8. Spilled Milkshake
9. The ButterBottom Blog
10. The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva
11. Confessions From Boystown
12. My Dishwashers Possessed
13. The Mommy Therapy
14. Mommy LaDy Club
15. Mama-Press
Please stop by and check them out…they are some of my favorite reads! :)


  1. congrats my friend! I should probably hook you up with an award, I'm just to lazy :)

    Big cams, huh? I'm built like a 7th grade boy. Now I really hate you.

    Mucho love-o

  2. Um....details on the prison sleeping thing. NOW! You can't freaking leave me hanging like that!

  3. Oh what a checkered past I have. Yeah the Folsom Prison thing I only share in person you will have to wait until next week.

    I have a totally AWESOME Surprise for everyone next week. I will be in AZ getting mommy tips and drinking Alcohol with Odd Jobs Mommy and Moms Mad House. But it will be AWESOME!!!

  4. Great. That's the very first thing I expect you to talk about woman!

  5. No way! You are so cool, and nice;) I really want to hear more about sleeping in the parking lot of Folsom Prison. I'm in Tucson, so yell it out into the desert or something. Are you guys all in Phoenix?

  6. Yay! Congratulations! I also won this award once, and I was so thrilled, too. I think my favorite on your list is that you slept at Folsom Prison. Long story or not, I think a blog post about it is in order.

    Visiting you from vB :)

  7. We are all meeting up next week. I would LOVE you to join us. email me at
    Anyone else that is in the Phoenix area next week let us know. We are gonna go out one night and tell stories.

  8. I am considering the Folsom Prison Blog Post since you all seem to want to hear the story. It is a funny one...hmm maybe when I get back from the AZ pow wow. Don't forget to check in next week and enjoy the surprise I have for you all. I think you will REALLY like it.

  9. Thanks for this awesome award! What did you ever do with your running shoes by the way? =)

  10. Rachel -I used the running shoes to chase the kids. Now I am running towards something instead of away from something. Maybe I should used them to run away from the kids?:)

  11. You are so sweet to have me in your list! :) BTW, I can completely relate to #3! I've even been called "Tits McGee" before. LOL

  12. Wow, thank you so much for thinking of me!!


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